Omega 14k gold filled automatic 1948


Omega 28.10 R.A. S.C. PC.

Omega 14k gold filled automatic 1948
calibre Omega 28.10
serial 10862812
case number T600936

Watch is fully functioning and timing is very good
Dial in perfect condition


About Omega 28.10 RA SC

  • Seize the opportunity to get a hold of this rare Omega 28.10 RA SC, which was produced for the first time in 1943 used in the very first Omega Constellation in 1952.
  • The Omega 28.10 is considered one of the funding fathers and an important part of the omega constellation gene pool and regarded as a highly valued collectors item.
  • In 1942 Omega began their production of automatic movements. As Brandt – who was the architect, designer and builder of Omega – decided to commission Charles Perregaux to be in charge of the Omega team on their mission to design and produce two automatic calibres. The two calibres were finally released in July 1943 and brought Omega an extraordinary era of innovation and growth. The two calibres were to be named 28.10 and 30.10.
  • The Ω Omega 28.10 RA SC movements evolved into a family of calibres that would help write Omega’s history of watchmaking for a quarter of a century from 1942 to 1968.
  • This Omega 28.10 RA SC early automatic vintage watch – not messed about with -not redialled – not re-cased – simply an Original and rare Omega watch in absolutely amazing condition due to the date of production.
  • Omega only used bumper movements for a short period of time and today these early watches are correctly perceived by enthusiasts as being historically significant as they very much represent the “first of a bloodline”. For the uninitiated, it rather behoves me to explain that the “bumper” nickname given to these particular watches is a reference to their automatic winding rotors. Unlike later Omega watches, these early automatics do not allow for full circular motion of their rotors. Omega engineers at the time calculated that maximum winding efficiency could be achieved by limiting the available rotor travel to roughly 300 degrees while modern watches rotates 360 degrees. These super movements were entirely hand assembled and built to remarkably high standards.
  • To add up the conclusions this watch is out standing in all perspectives and from the very prime period that Omega was giving birth to their epic automatic bumper calibres.

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