Sicura automatic


A classic Sicura watch in great condition keeping good time. Measurements 41mm including crown,fitted with 25 jewel Baumgartner movement calibre 158 . A wearable classic. Automatic watch but can also be hand wound.
History of SICURA Watches Sicura. A watch company with several different entries on the records of the Chamber of Commerce: Montres Sicura S.A. Grenchen, Sicura Uhren A.G. Grenchen, Sicura Watch Company Ltd. Grenchen and also connected to the Breitling Watch Company Sicura was a brand in existence in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Because its founder, Ernest Schneider, was a pilot, watch manufacturer and microelectronics specialist all rolled into one, many different models made with different purposes were made. Nowadays, Sicura wristwatches are collected but ordinary models do not fetch very high prices. Sicura watches are easily identified by the nice coat-of-arms on the back. Sicura’s attention to fashion lead them to produce a diverse range of timepieces. In 1979, the Breitling firm was closed.